We all have heard of the MRI scan, but most of people don’t know anything about it. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique used by the doctors to look inside a body. In this method, radio waves and magnetism is used to get the clear picture of the human anatomy. The work on this new technique began in 1946. This was used for physical and chemical analysis. Raymond Damadian worked on the idea to use nuclear magnetic to study disease. In 1973, computed tomography was invented by Hounsfield. In 1977, Mansfield introduced the echo-planar imaging. Since then, plenty of scientists have worked for the development of MRI as we know it today.

Let’s take a look at the history of MRI.

History of The MRI

The concept of MRI is based on the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). This was discovered in the 1930s in which the radio waves and magnetic fields lead the atoms to provide radio signals.

The NMR was discovered by 2 geniuses, Felix Bloch and Edward Purcell. This method was used to study the structure of chemical compounds.

The discovery of the MRI was by Paul C Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield. Lauterbur worked on the new technique of imaging and gave the term zeugmatography. He was the one responsible for taking the world from single dimension of NMR to the second dimension of 3-D orientation.

Moreover, Mansfield worked on the development of gradients in the field of the magnet. He worked on analyzing the signals mathematically that helped in creating an imaging technique. Peter also proved that you can get the imaging quickly.

The Contribution of Raymond Damadian

Raymond Damadian a research scientist and the medical doctor found that MRI can be used for diagnosing. He discovered that the various animals tissue release response signal that differs in length. While the cancerous tissues produce the signals that can last for longer periods of time instead of non-cancerous tissue. Soon, he filed for a patent for his idea of using the MRI as a technique for medical diagnosis.

It was in 1977/1978 when Raymond invented the first MRI scanner by hand along with Michael Goldsmith and Larry Minkoff. This was at the New York’s Downstate Medical Center and di the first scan of the healthy human body. In 1978, the MRI scan was done on a cancer patient. Furthermore, the Mansfield improved mathematics and created an echo-planar technique. This method enabled quick images to be produced and became the basis for fast MRI.

Therefore, the use of medical MRI has been developing rapidly. The use of MRI has increased all over the world and is believed to keep increasing as it has great importance in the medical diagnosis. The Tesla Unit is used for denoting the strength of the magnetic field of MRI. The stronger the magnetic field, the better and clear the image will be. The name of Tesla has been linked with MRI technology that is widely known around the world.

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