The MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging– has been widely used in the common medical practice. The procedure involves the use of a stiff magnetic field and radio waves that create detailed images of our tissues and organs. The scanning is a painless and secure process. It is used to examine the bones structure, chests, womb, blood vessel system, joints, liver, kidney and spinal cord to determine the causes of any severe ailment. Before going for an MRI Scan, make sure to get the required information from the doctors and get necessary suggestions.

The Modus Operandi of MRI Scan

Before we go into details, it is important to learn the process that surrounds an MRI scan:

The machine in which the body is scanned is similar to a tunnel that is about 1.5 m in length it is surrounded by a round magnet. The patient has to lie straight on the platform, which slowly goes inside the machine. After that, an aerial device rotates in a clockwise direction to examine the body.

The scanning is monitored through a TV screen and the patient can communicate to the radiographer through an intercom connected to the device. It is used for the detection of radio signals from the body.

Here’s how the method underges:

The tiny bursts of radio waves are sent to the human body form the scanning machine. These waves initiate the help in the disposition of protons in our body. When the radio bursts end, the protons are sent back to their origin and this particle then begins emitting radio signals.

These protons that are located in various tissues emerge at changing speeds. That’s why the tissues emit different signals during multiple times. At the end, the signals are detected by the device in the scanner which is later transmitted to the computer for image processing.

When to Consider MRI Scan

For several situations you can consider getting an MRI, a list of possible circumstances is given below.

  • Many people who are suffering from chronic pain need to get an MRI in order to establish a possible root cause.
  • Similarly, an MRI scan is used to analyze the abnormalities in the brain.
  • The possible presence of a tumor in the spine or to determine a disc location.
  • In case of any sports injury in the joints.
  • To find the cause of infertility in women.
  • For various types of heart issues, liver and kidney pain.
  • To determine pelvic pain in women such as endometriosis.
  • To treat the problem in urination.



This is a fact that the advancement of MRI scan has revolutionized and altered the field of medicine to a greater extent. The continuous research by the doctors and physicians has also contributed to refining the MRI technology for an easy use. However, there is still some research required to make it useful for people who have metallic implants in their body.

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