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Hitachi Airis D II Open MRI


Airis II Open MRI combines the advanced imaging capabilities such as high resolution, thin slicing, MR angiography and dynamic imaging of joints with a complete set of specialty coils designed for sophisticated imaging purposes. The AIRIS II Open MRI is Hitachi’s award winning MRI with high per formance electronics and clinical capabilities for excellent imaging quality. The Hitachi AIRIS II Open MRI provides state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging capabilities with a number of unique features and benefits for patient advantages:

  • Spacious Wide-Open Air Design reduces claustrophobia and patient anxiety for greater comfort
  • New concept magnet scanner completely open on all sides, which allows constant and direct access to the patient by both the technician and a family member
  • Operating field strength is 0.3T
  • Magnetic field orientation 43cm vertical height
  • Advanced technology for superb image resolution and tissue contrast
  • Produces more detailed pictures and shorter scan times
  • Extremely quiet-soft sound gradience (no noise feature)
  • Music availability with variety of selection from our CD library
  • 500 lb weight capacity/comfortable padded table
  • Designed for all patients, including children
  • Highly trained and friendly staff
  • Board Certified experienced Radiologists
  • Prompt 24-hour accurate reports

  • Contra Indications for MRI Exams: Aneurysm Clips, Neurostimulator, Cochlear Implants, Pacemakers, Pregnancy, Sharpnel, Heart Valve Implants, Metallic Fragments or Implants