MRI is regarded as the topmost imaging scanner that aids in the detection of any spinal injury that causes back pain. This is an essential practice before surgery to look for detailed information and learning of the root causes of a chronic backache. Some of them include dispositioning of discs, the presence of a tumor, and lumbar disc herniation.

An Ogle for Your Spinal Problems

For many years MRI scan has been preferred to detect cord compression and tumors in the spine. It is important to note that it is sensitive to some changes in the bones and cartilage. The chronic pain might not have been caused due to one single occurrence. A number of factors are responsible; for example, age, types of daily movements and a person’s physique.

Causes of Backache

  • Although there are several conditions that can lead to an agonizing backache, however, patients with arthritis can expect a painful situation. Not only this, lumbar disc herniation causes back pain by pinching the nerve roots.
  • Piriformis syndrome and Scoliosis (that cause the curvature of the spine) also contribute to back pain.
  • You might have been lifting too much weight during one of your gym sessions and in the totally wrong way. In that case, one simple movement can lead to a severe backache that becomes a nightmare for you!
  • Further, if you are a sportsman who goes through intense practice sessions every day and you have a medical history of injuries or fracture. A minor injury can lead to a backache that often results in surgery.
  • Sometimes, the work you do also involves the lifting and using of heavy objects from one place to another. In addition to that, if you work at heights and job involves bending, twisting or lifting heavy objects or sitting for longer periods of time, then a back pain might be inevitable.
  • Lastly, people who are overweight or in their mid-thirties, pregnant women, stressed are more likely to suffer more from back pain.

If you have gone through any of the above situations then it is suggested to get an MRI Scan as soon as you can.

Benefits of MRI Scan

  • Most of the time, it can easily detect any infection in the spine.
  • It helps in the analysis of post backache surgery because it helps in isolation from scar tissue from recurrent disc herniation.
  • It further assists in the prevention of injecting a steroid into the infected area.



If you are one of the many people who is experiencing decreased back movement or stiffness. Or in worst cases, if you can’t stand straight, then head straight to the nearby clinic and get MRI done from a practiced physician. The procedure is quite simple, the doctor will first analyze the medical history and then the patient might go some physical tests like testing nerve functions and muscle strength. However, if a possible disc problem is suspected, it is recommended to go for an immediate MRI Scan.

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